The Tunisian Crochet Handbook

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The Tunisian Crochet Handbook: A Beginner's Guide

by Toni Lipsey

From fiber artist Toni Lipsey of TL Yarn Craft, an introduction to the craft of Tunisian crochet—a unique crochet style that looks more like knitting—with 20 projects for beginners

While hundreds of books explore traditional crochet, few reference the concept of Tunisian crochet or present it in a modern, approachable way. Spun favorite Toni Lipsey's Tunisian Crochet Handbook introduces crafters to this fascinating and rewarding technique with a wide array of stitches and design possibilities, all designed to guide makers step-by-step through Tunisian crochet, starting with tools and materials before moving to how-to’s and stitches and accessible but engaging patterns. Here Toni Lipsey, of TL Yarn Crafts, reintroduces crochet and encourages crocheters to explore their craft, offering a new take on a timeless classic.